Stakeholder Engagement

We value the thoughts and opinions of our stakeholders - our customers, communities, employees, investors and regulators.

We have engaged with our stakeholders in deep discussions about investment in the critical infrastructure that serves our states, helping guide hundreds of millions of dollars in investment in electric and gas transmission and distribution systems and technology. 

We work with local, state and federal agencies as well as affected non-governmental organizations, consumer advocates and concerned citizens to develop collaborative solutions to a variety of issues.

Past stakeholder efforts have included the Infrastructure Stakeholder Group, Green Tariff Working Group and Network South Dakota.

Demand Side Management (DSM) Stakeholder Group

The DSM Stakeholder Group has been formed to make recommendations in development of NorthWestern's electric DSM offerings.


Our ETAC group helps us create the electricity supply resource plans we submit to our state regulatory commissions every few years.

Madison Stakeholder Engagement Process

The purpose of the engagement process is to gather and exchange information among those directly affected by river flows and reservoir levels, agencies responsible for fisheries and recreation management, and NorthWestern Energy.

Advantage South Dakota

Advantage South Dakota is a group composed of business members from the James River Valley focused on economic development and South Dakota jobs.

Community Sustainability

We're working with local communities to help them meet their climate action goals.

O'Dell Creek Restoration

We've partnered with local ranchers to restore more than 15 miles of O'Dell Creek, an important tributary to the Madison River.