100% clean hydroelectricity

A map showing NorthWestern Energy's hydro facilities.

100% clean hydroelectricity

Nearly 36% of our electricity for our Montana customers comes from 100% clean hydroelectricity.

Almost 60% of the energy we supply in Montana comes from carbon-free sources, thanks in large part to our hydroelectric facilities. 35.7% of our electricity for our Montana customers comes from 100% clean hydroelectricity.

Powering Generations

Powering Generations

NorthWestern Energy inherited the care of hydroelectric facilities that have powered the state of Montana for more than a hundred years. The upkeep and upgrade of these historic facilities will ensure future generations can continue to build on this proud tradition for a hundred more.

Learn more about the environmental stewardship at our hydroelectric projects

Mystic Hydro Project

Built in 1925, the 12-megawatt Mystic facility is on West Rosebud Creek in the Beartooth Mountains, 75 miles southwest of Billings, Montana. It is one of 10 hydroelectric facilities and one storage reservoir we operate. We work to produce safe, reliable energy to light homes and businesses across Montana.

Thompson Falls Hydro Project

First built in 1915, the Thompson Falls dam is a seven-unit hydroelectric plant on the Clark Fork River in Thompson Falls, Montana. NorthWestern Energy owns and operates the dam, along with 10 others across the state. The energy produced and collected at these dams allows us to provide clean, sustainable energy to meet our customers’ needs. NorthWestern Energy values being a good steward of the resources at our projects and works to protect and enhance the fish and wildlife resources around our sites.

Missouri-Madison Hydro Project

The purpose of this site is to provide information on NorthWestern Energy’s ongoing resource stewardship programs implemented in the 525 mile river corridor from West Yellowstone to Fort Peck Reservoir.

NorthWestern Hydro Lands Policy

Learn about the scope, rules and regulations relating to public use of NorthWestern Energy’s lands along the rivers and reservoirs.

Madison River Drought Management

Ongoing drought conditions have led to challenging low water conditions in the Madison River system. These conditions are resulting in lower water levels at Hebgen reservoir, while we continue to protect fisheries on the lower Madison River.

"Golden Kilowatts: Water Power and the Early Growth of Montana"

The book "Golden Kilowatts: Water Power and the Early Growth of Montana" by Butch Larcombe tells the history of Montana's dams.

Where Does Your Energy Come From?

Nearly 60% of our Montana electric generation portfolio comes from clean energy. See where your energy is coming from in near real time.