Helping Our Communities Grow

NorthWestern Energy is proud to have a rich heritage of providing utility services that contribute to the growth and economic prosperity in our communities.

Economic Development

Our Economic Development Team

The mission of our economic development team is to help retain existing jobs, promote business expansion and recruit new businesses in the communities we serve.

This is accomplished alongside the support of local and statewide economic development entities and initiatives and partnering with community, state and national leaders in the region we serve.

Our local community-based economic development team members serve as essential grassroots contacts for retail and small commercial/industrial opportunities. They serve as resources for expertise in the areas of energy management and utility operations.

Impact Analysis Grant Program

Downtown Aberdeen, South Dakota

Impact Analysis Grant Program

NorthWestern Energy has contracted with Circle Analytics, Inc. to provide free impact studies for up to 100 projects within our service area in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. NorthWestern Energy will provide the grants valued at approximately $1,500 each to fund eligible studies that are conducted by Circle Analytics. 

Program Application

Impact Analysis Grant Program Application

The  program application involves a one-page form with funding decisions typically made within 48 hours. Eligible applicants include Cities, Counties and Economic Development Organizations and NorthWestern Energy Key Accounts within the Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska service area. Non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for a $1,500 grant. The studies will help applicants measure the economic impacts of existing businesses or local development projects.

Circle Analytics will use proprietary software tools and historical data to measure the economic ‘footprint’ of select projects. The report will help predict the flow of dollars as they multiply through the community and include both direct and indirect jobs.


Our corporate economic development team members assist site selection consultants, economic development agencies, government agencies, existing businesses, and potential new businesses.

They can assist with information on:

  • Utility rates
  • Availability of utility distribution and transmission services
  • Utility operations — natural gas and/or electricity
  • Power reliability and energy efficiency programs
  • Deregulation (Montana)
  • Long-range community planning

Bright Stories: Community Vitality

Karen kids from Bright campaign

Bright Stories: Community Vitality

Huron, S.D. is growing its economy through diversity. Dakota Provisions, a turkey processing plant in Huron, has grown from about 300 employees when it opened in 2005 to about 1,200 employees today. More than half of those employees are refugees from Burma and Thailand. NorthWestern Energy is proud to partner with Advantage South Dakota to help Dakota Provisions and other companies recruit and train its workforce and to help new residents settle into life in South Dakota.

NorthWestern Energy Rates

Providing Specialized Services

NorthWestern Energy provides specialized services to its largest electric and natural gas customers. NorthWestern Energy Key Account Managers maintain regular contact with key account customers and meet with them several times per year.