Upgrading South Dakota's streetlights

We are replacing streetlights and yard lights across the state with energy-efficient LED lights.

What are the benefits of LED streetlights?

  • Less energy - LEDs use 50% less electricity than traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights.
  • Reduced Light Pollution - NorthWestern is offering a full range of dark-sky-friendly LED options. With LEDs, the light can be better directed to where it is needed – on the street and adjacent sidewalks.
  • Improved visibility - Old HPS lighting produces an orange-yellow light that does not render colors well. LEDs, on the other hand, output a fuller light spectrum that renders colors accurately.
  • Lower operation costs - LEDs require less energy, and, because they are more efficient, they also last longer and need to be replaced less often than HPS streetlights.
  • Improved safety and security - The new lights give increased safety at night through greater visibility and fewer streetlight outages.

Bright Stories: LED Streetlights

A dog walks on a street lit with an LED streetlight

Bright Stories: LED Streetlights

"The kind of light we need to make people feel safe and secure walking at night."

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