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South Dakota Rate Review

We know many Americans are facing challenging times, and no one wants to see rising electric bills. We are also committed to providing reliable, sustainable energy service at the most affordable rates possible to our customers. 

NorthWestern Energy is requesting a regulatory electric rate review in South Dakota as we continue to strengthen our electric system. NorthWestern Energy is asking for the regulatory electric rate review to ensure our customers will continue to be served by a financially sound company capable of efficiently funding the significant capital expenditures needed to maintain, expand and modernize our energy infrastructure.  

We recognize that our rate request will impact our customers during a period when other prices are also increasing, which is why we’re here to help customers who may be struggling with their bills. Customers concerned about their ability to pay their energy bill can contact NorthWestern Energy for information about energy assistance programs and to arrange flexible payment options.

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On June 15, 2023, NorthWestern Energy filed an application with the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, which regulates investor-owned energy companies in the state, for a regulatory rate review of electric services.

How much will my bill increase?

For a typical electric residential customer using 750 killowatt-hours per month, the rate increase, if approved by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, would mean a monthly bill increase of:


per month, or 18.3%

What can I do to manage my bill?

If you're concerned about paying your bill, reach out to us right away. We have billing and payment options that can help.

Payment Assistance

If you are worried about your ability to pay a higher energy bill, there are payment assistance programs available.

Budget Billing

With Budget Billing, your NorthWestern Energy bill is the same amount each month, year round.

Payment Arrangements

We can also explore a payment arrangement if your account qualifies. Log in to your My Energy Account for payment and billing program information. Or call our Customer Service Team at 800-245-6977 to discuss additional options.

Service & Payment Locations

Our walk-in Customer Service locations are available for in-person assistance. Find the office nearest you.


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Understanding your bill

Learn more about the separate pieces that make up your bill and what they all mean.

We are strengthening our energy infrastructure

NorthWestern Energy submitted an application to the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission on June 15, 2023 for a regulatory review of our electric rates.

  • Current NorthWestern Energy South Dakota electric rates were set using cost information from 2014.
  • Since then, NorthWestern Energy has invested $267 million in our South Dakota electric infrastructure to continue our commitment to providing reliable, sustainable energy service at the most affordable rates possible to our customers. 

These investments include:

Bob Glanzer Generating Station

The 58-megawatt Bob Glanzer Generating Station in Huron was commissioned in May 2022, providing on-demand resources to support the variability of wind and solar projects coming onto NorthWestern Energy’s system and to help serve our South Dakota customers affordably and reliably during extended periods of peak energy demand.

Upgraded Meters

NorthWestern Energy replaced all electric meters in South Dakota, which were manually read, with two-way communicating Advanced Metering Infrastructure meters. NorthWestern Energy now has situational awareness from meter data, which can be used to identify issues on the system before there is an outage. Customer experience will be elevated through the expanded use of the AMI platform in the future.

LED Streetlights

NorthWestern Energy’s 17,000 streetlights in South Dakota are being converted to LED lights over the next several years, which use 50% less electricity and last longer. LED lights increase safety at night through greater visibility and fewer streetlight outages.

Annual Inspections

Distribution poles and underground cable are inspected annually and those not meeting condition standards have been replaced.

Improved Service Reliability

Advanced Distribution Management System software was implemented to improve service reliability.

System Upgrades

Substations, transmission systems and switchyards are frequently upgraded.

Track your energy use in My Energy Account

With My Energy Account, you can visually track your energy use, month-to-month and year-over-year. Understanding your energy use can help you develop habits to save energy and money.