We're going electric

Our investments will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will reduce fuel consumption.

Delivering a bright future with electric vehicles

An Electric Vehicle charges outside the Bozeman NorthWestern Energy office.

Delivering a bright future with electric vehicles

We're adding electric vehicles to our fleet and installing charging stations across our service territory.

Charging stations

South Dakota

We’re working with the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund to install electric charging stations in our service territory.


We’re working to install electric vehicle charging stations along interstate corridors in Montana.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Investments

Electric Vehicle Charger Usage by Year comparison chart

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Investments

We are developing turnkey installation of new charging infrastructure along highway corridors at commercial customers’ properties in Montana and South Dakota.

In addition, we are conducting an in-depth analysis to design programs for business customers to ensure our electric infrastructure is adequate and efficient for significant EV charging growth.