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Grow Spink County

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Grow Spink County

Through a joint effort of Redfield City and Spink County, Grow Spink Inc. promotes small business growth, rural development, and educational opportunities that have a positive impact on county and city taxable valuations, and increase taxable sales and job growth.

Grow Spink Inc. continues to seek community and citizen input and involvement. Your ideas for our growth and future remain a prime resource.

Promote Economic Growth

Grow Spink Inc. enjoys working together with the community members to promote growth and to secure the economic well-being of Spink County.

We are dedicated to building strong relationships to improve the quality of life for our citizens and business community. All of these factors make Spink County the ideal place to do business, to work, and to live.

The vision of Grow Spink Inc., is to ensure the economic well being of Spink County while adhering to the highest ethical standards. By building strong relationships, creating diversity and promoting economic development with in Redfield, South Dakota and neighboring towns, we can succeed.

The purpose of Grow Spink Inc. is to promote, stimulate and expand economic, commercial, industrial and residential growth for Spink County. We help individuals, firms, corporations and governmental bodies and agencies to accomplish these goals and objectives.