Hunting Safety

Hunting and power lines don't mix. Know how to stay safe this hunting season.

Please don’t shoot at power equipment:

Coming into contact with a power line can be deadly. That's why it's important to assume that all power lines, whether in the air or on the ground, are energized. As hunting season gets underway, we want to remind all customers not to shoot at power lines, insulators, signs or any above-ground natural gas equipment – and to report any damage they might spot. 

Unfortunately, every year during hunting season, some of our infrastructure is damaged by gun shots. This damage is costly and may also cause significant safety hazards for hunters and hikers. Please call 911 to report illegal activity to law enforcement. Call NorthWestern Energy immediately if you spot damaged electrical or natural gas equipment.



Whether you're a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, please put safety first:

  • Don't shoot at power lines, insulators, signs or any above-ground natural gas equipment
  • Observe posted warning signs and keep clear of electrical equipment.
  • Never place decoys or deer stands on any utility equipment. 
  • Stay aware of the terrain as you hunt, and keep your eyes peeled for power lines and equipment on the land where you are hunting.
  • Report any damage you might spot while hunting. If you see any damage, contact NorthWestern Energy immediately so we can make repairs and keep you safe.


What to do if your vehicle contacts a power line:

Stay put

Stay in the vehicle and call 911 for help.

Only exit if you must

If you must exit the vehicle because of a fire, tuck your arms across your body and jump clear of any wires with your feet together, never touching the equipment and ground at the same time. Then shuffle or hop at least 35 feet away with your feet together.

Stay away

Stay away from the equipment until the authorities tell you it is safe.

Stay away from downed power lines

  • Keep people, equipment and objects at least 35 feet away from down or low-hanging power lines.
  • Never attempt to remove a fallen tree or branch from a power line. You could be seriously injured or killed.
  • If a tree or branch does come in contact with a power line, keep yourself and others away from the tree and contact NorthWestern Energy.