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NorthWestern Energy customers can choose to reduce carbon footprint at lower cost with E+ Green program

Date: Aug 7, 2020

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Butte, MT. – Aug. 7, 2020– NorthWestern Energy customers in Montana have the opportunity to choose energy from renewable sources, now for a lower cost.

NorthWestern Energy’s E+ Green program provides customers the opportunity to reduce their electricity-based carbon footprint and supports the development of new renewable generation. In July the Montana Public Service Commission approved to lower the price per block from $2, beginning Aug.1, 2020.

Customers may choose to add 100 kWh blocks of energy to their energy service for $1.25 per block. One block equals one-tenth of a renewable energy certificate, generally originating from renewable generation in the northwest, including Montana as available, and Wyoming.

An average NorthWestern Energy residential electric customer in Montana uses about 750 kWh a month. If a customer wants to add 40% more carbon-free electricity to their service, they have the option to buy three blocks of E+ Green for $3.75 a month. If a customer wants to add 100% carbon-free electricity to their service, they have the option to buy eight blocks of E+ Green for $10 a month.

A stakeholder group of customers and other stakeholders worked with NorthWestern in the development of a plan for Green Power offerings. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality, Big Sky Resort, and Bridger Bowl supported NorthWestern Energy’s application to the Commission.

“We met with the stakeholder group in February to work to review the E+ Green program and to develop additional green power offerings for our customers,” said NorthWestern Energy Sustainability Manager John Bushnell. “The members’ dedication to this goal was critical as the current pandemic meant meetings shifted to a virtual format. We thank the members for their work so that this opportunity can be offered to our customers at a lower cost.”

The Green Power Stakeholder group will continue to meet to consider additional clean power programs to meet the requests of NorthWestern Energy customers.

Today, NorthWestern Energy serves Montana with an electric portfolio that is more than 60% carbon free. Over the last decade, we have reduced the carbon intensity of our energy generation in Montana by more than 50%.

We are committed to working with our customers and communities to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

To learn more about NorthWestern Energy’s E+ Green program, go to or call 888-467-2669.

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