During the Storm

Our emergency line is available 24 hours a day.

Montana: 888-467-2669  |   South Dakota/Nebraska: 800-245-6977   |   In case of a life-threatening emergency, dial 911.

Stay away from downed and low-hanging power lines

If you see a downed or damaged power line, keep your distance and call 911 immediately. Never touch a power line or any object, including trees, that is in contact with a line.

  • Keep people, equipment and objects at least 30 feet away from down and low-hanging power lines.
  • Never attempt to remove a fallen tree or branch from a power line. You could be seriously injured or killed.
  • If a tree or branch does come in contact with a power line, keep yourself and others away from the tree and call 911 and NorthWestern Energy.

Report an outage online

Report an outage online

Heavy wind, snow and ice storms can lead to power outages. If you power goes out, you can report it online and use our online outage map to get the latest information. Every outage report helps our crews and operators diagnose the potential scale and cause of the outage.
What to do if your power goes out:
  • Do not open freezers or refrigerators more than necessary.
  • A refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours if it is unopened.
  • A full freezer will keep the temperature for approximately 48 hours (24 hours if it is half full) if the door remains closed.
  • Check fuses or circuit breakers to rule out problems with electricity inside your home. If a fuse is blown, replace it with the appropriate fuse. If a breaker has tripped, reset it from off to on. If you are unsure about fixing a fuse or circuit breaker, call an electrician.
  • Check social media and our online outage map. If an outage is widespread, NorthWestern Energy will post updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also get up-to-date outage information from our online outage map at northwesternenergy.com/outage.
  • Turn off all but one light, so you will notice when we have restored your electricity.
  • Unplug computers, chargers, TVs, VCRs and other sensitive appliances to avoid possible damage when electricity is restored.
  • When power resumes, reset clocks and check automatic alarms and timers. Plug in only essential items. Wait 10 minutes before connecting the remainder of your items to let the electrical system stabilize.
  • Use a flashlight. Avoid candles because of the fire risk.
  • If you are using a portable generator, make sure you are doing so safely.